E-Palm Reading


These are the photo requirements of your palm needed:
1. Snaps taken by a camera or a scanner is preferred.
2. Mention which hand is your Active hand. ( right/left)
3. Your Date of Birth.
4. For queries related to childbirth photo snaps of both husband and wife is a must.

5. Send multiple snaps.

6. Mention any specific query you might have regarding health, career, marriage, child birth, going abroad etc.,

7. Take care that the photos are taken from proper FRONT or TOP and not from any side angles, for proper  judgement.

Left Palm FULL

Right Palm FULL

Side( lines below the little fingers MUST be captured)
(both palms needed)

Both Palms FULL

Backside of the Palm (FULL)

Left Palm SCANNED picture

Right Palm SCANNED picture

Side of the Palms SCANNED picture

* Sending both Photo snaps + Scanned snaps would be ideal.

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