Anguli Mudra for Brain .aka. Gyan Mudra

All these Anguli Mudras has to be practiced 15 mts in the morning and evening regularly. Courtesy : Prof Dayanand verma , New Delhi. He was honoured with the YOGA RATNA award by the world conference of yoga held in 1986.

Gyan Mudra aka Chin Mudra

Thumb- Fire ;
Index finger - air


1. Increases memory power and gives sharpness of mind. Excellent Mudra which can be suggested to students.
2.  Since it increases the strength of air element in the body , it removes laziness and gives enthusiasm.
3. When , one is in the depressed state of mind, it gives positive vibration. Increases concentration , focus & creativity.
4. It sets right sleeping disorders like - Sleep talk,  excesssive sleepiness,  as well as insomnia.
5. It gives enthusiasm to do work. Increases both mental as well as physical ability.
6. All problems related with mind , like hysteria, depression, excessive anger , fear are observed to be brought under control.
7.It is also observed to improve diseases related to Nervous system like Cerebral Palsy & Multiple sclerosis.
8. Helps in healthy secretion of Pituitary, Thyroid & Pancreas Glands.
9. Stabilises heart beat.
10. When done continuosly , over years, opens the Third eye.
11. It also helps to get over the addiction of, habits like smoking, drinking etc., 

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