How to do?
The tip of your little finger should touch the bottom portion of your Thumb -  as shown in the figure above. Apply mild pressure while keeping like this.
Though , it can be done at any time, for maximum benefits -- it is advisable to sit in front of your favourite deity in the form of Prayer / Meditation and do 
OR while listening to some soothing music/ devotional songs.

How long?
It can be done at a stretch for 45 minutes or  in intervals of : 15mts in the morning/ evening / night.

Thumb : Fire element;   Little finger: Water element 

What is Mudra?

Some Benefits of doing JAL SHAAMAK MUDRA regularly are:

When the water content present in our body, goes to excess, the body appears to have a swollen look. Doing this Mudra, removes this excess water.

For some people, you may observe, water oozing out of the eyes and nose involuntarily. Doing this Mudra would be beneficial for them. It also regulates the secretion of excess saliva , observed in some people.

It is a wonderful ,quick and effective Mudra for loose motion.

For women with excessive bleeding problem(s) during their monthly periods cycle, this Mudra would bring immense relief, by reducing it, to normal flow.

Due to excess of acid secretion in stomach, many suffer from issues like acidity and heart burns. This Mudra helps in regulating the secretion of acid and brings it under control.

Pleurisy is caused when the 'Pleure' sorrounding the organ Lungs, gets accumulated by water. It is generally caused  by Pneumonia and other diseases of the chest or abdomen. When a person is affected by such condition(s), they have pain and difficulty in breathing. Jal Shaamak Mudra, helps in removal of this accumulated water, thereby giving relief to the associated painful condition.

Some people ( not only senior citizens) suffer from one of the most embarassing problem, especially when they travel / visit their friends and neighbours, that is -- unable to control their bladder. When this Mudra is done regularly,  they will find a tremendous difference.

If there is secretion of excess spine fluid, it reaches the brain and leads to numerous health complications. This Mudra , is helpful in reducing this excess fluid.

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