How to do?
Keep the Thumb and your Ring finger as shown in the figure above. Apply mild pressure while keeping like this. Though , it can be done at any time/any place --- for maximum benefits -- it is advisable to sit in front of your favourite deity in the form of Prayer / Meditation and do.

How long?
It can be done at a stretch for 45 minutes or  in intervals of : 15mts in the morning/ evening / night.

Thumb : Fire element;   Ring finger : Earth element.
They say, doing this Mudra, increases the Earth element in our body & reduces the Fire element.

What is Mudra?

Some Benefits of doing PRITHVI MUDRA regularly are:

·    Any problem related with the organ NOSE gets reduced .

·    According to Ayurveda, any physical or mental ailment is caused due to imbalance in any one or more of three dynamic forces called Tridoshas. Tridoshas (three doshas) or three dynamic natural forces (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in Sanskrit and Vatham, Pitham and Kapham in Tamil) composed of the five principal elements of creation are responsible for the physical, physiological, and psychological well being of a person existing in a state of equilibrium. These natural forces composed of the elements of nature (akash – space, bhumi – earth, jal – water, vayu -air and agni – fire) determine the cycle of growth, wellness, death and decay. Vata is combination of Vayu and Akash, Pitta is combination of Agni and Jal and Kapha is combination of Bhumi and Jal.

·  PRITHVI MUDRA increases KAPHAM and reduces PITHAM. ( Note: Kapham dominated people, do not do this Mudra more than the prescribed time)

·  Increase body stamina, energy & immunity.

·  Those who are weak in constitution and are extremely thin, can observe, increase in their weight, after consistent practice of this Mudra.

·   Those who have excessive heat in their body can do this Mudra to reduce it. Associated problems due to excessive heat like boils, mouth ulcer, stomach inflammation, burning sensation in urinary path, Anus gets reduced.

·   Gives relief to acidity, excessive secretion of Thyroid Gland.

·   Reduces hair fall & premature hair greying.

·   Rickets, Osteoarthritis, Oteoporosis, Paralysis --- people who have these disesases , can benefit from this Mudra.

·   Makes your skin shine, with renewed vitality.

·   Psychologically, it is observed, after regularly doing this Mudra, a person becomes more accommodating and adjusting.

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