Name Number 26/8

Recently I received a shocking news from my school mates , that one of our class mate expired in a Car accident. She was returning from a Thirupathi Darshan, with her husband and 2 small kids.

This news completely crippled and devastated me. She was in the Prime of her youth. Both husband and wife were highly qualified doctors. What all would have been her dreams? What all she would have planned for her kids?.....What she would have thought when she left her Clinic and home that day…for the Holy Balaji Darshan….  A Life only half-lived…..

I felt a deep sadness inside me, which I am not able to express…

After the initial shock was over, I simply could’nt curb my Numerologist instinct.

I was just wondering if her name added to a 26/8.
And indeed it was. Once again..

This is not the first time I find a Name Number in 8 with short Life span / involved in a accident or some deep tragedy. Especially I find a 26/8 to occur more in my calculations, whose Life almost always, has some serious troubles.

Following is the Name detail of the friend I am talking about:
( Name slightly changed , for the sake of Privacy)

Birth Name:

REKA NAIR --- 19/1
R (2) + E(5) +K(2)+A(1)    N(5)+A(1)+I(1)+R(1)----- 19

A perfect number in Sun’s domain -  to become a successful Doctor especially in Government. This number I have observed , to give Position, Status, Happiness, Success and Wealth as their age advances.

Name after Marriage which she used for the past 20+ years:

REKA NAMBIAR -----26/8
R (2)+ E(5) +K(2)+A(1)   N(5)+A(1)+M(4)+B(2)+I(1)+A(1)+R(2)----26/8

Sadly the name which she used with her husband’s name ALSO added to a 44/8.

Besides few other Name Numbers ( of which I shall be writing , soon) according to my opinion 26/8  is a  number which should be strictly avoided, both in Name as well as Signatures. You cannot change your Date of Birth if it has a Eight in the core position -but you can make slight alterations to your Name/Signature and live a hastle free happy life.

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