The Palm print below is that of  Heywood "Woody" McGriff, Jr ( 1958-1994); This photograph is taken from, PALMISTRY THE UNIVERSAL GUIDE--- by Nathaniel Altman.

In the book, the author had taken this hand to show as an example of how well the Sun line is formed, in the hand of this great entertainer.

Heywood "Woody" McGriff, Jr  , was a choreographer and modern dancer who performed nationally with the Frank Holder Dance company, the  Bill Evance Dance company, and the Bill T jones/ Arnie Zane Dance company. At the time of his death , he was an associate professor of dance at the University of Texas, Austin, where he also served as resident choreographer.

He died due to complications which arose due to AIDS at the age of 36;

Palm print of  a talented & famous Choreographer

My points for research is as follows:

Of course the data available for this case study is very limited. We do not have the exact Date of birth or the palm print of the other hand or a photo which may give some idea as to the development of mounts.

Different views of all palmists are most welcome, regarding these points:

1. What indications you see related to the disease AIDS?

2. What clues you are finding as to the approaching end around age 36?

My views:

1. The axe line travelling along the Life line ( which normally indicates the troubled times) actually ends, around the period 35/36 , which actually should mean , freedom from all the struggles/problems encountered by the native.

Should we take , yes, he got , some solace, in the form of death??!

2. The Fate line ends at the Head line. Could this be a clue?

3. As to his being--- reasonably well known -- His Sun line is appearing only above the heart line and NOT anywhere in his thirties? Any good points, which shows, his being famous around younger age?

With a good "brainstorm" from all Palmists, perhaps more knowledge/information can be pooled, for the benefit of all.

Yours Sincerely,


  1. Request everyone to share their views...

  2. Hi Vijaya ji,
    as far as AIDS is concerned, there is not yet any confirmed markers that are identified in the relam of palmistry, as I know.

    Regarding, the death, w.r.t. point 1) The axe line becomes weaker, after the first line that comes from lower Mars and cuts both the axe line and life line. By the time the 2nd line from the Mars cuts the axe line stops, thus stopping all that EXTRA supply of energy that was available to the native.


Thank you for your interest and valuable comment.

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