This is another case, of , how, a Palm reading at the appropriate time, can be useful.

In the picture , you can see the Right hand palm of one of my client. She is also a close friend of mine age 42;
She keeps on showing her palm, whenever she meets me !

Recently, while observing her Palm , in a very casual way, ( as i had seen her palm , only last week)-- i caught a glimpse, of an island getting formed, which was crossing her Sun line, below the Sun mount. I am very sure, it was not there, when i inspected , last week.

Psychologically, almost all Palmists, give a reading, some thing like this----- there will be defamation/ bad name in your Life, at some point; I would like to add, this may NOT be the case always. It can also mean, a troubling time--- say --one of your children not doing so well or suffering from deep domestic crisis, or some  of your close associate, whom you had trusted fully --cheats you-----in short, i would attribute this island as some event--- which will disturb you---mentally--- NOT NECESSARILY a defamtion.

On a Physical level---- it could mean  a) Neurological disorders b) Heart troubles.

I already know, that she is a severe Migraine patient. But , i myself, was not convinced, if , she could have any BP or Heart related issues, as she is normally a relaxed person and highly health conscious.

Neverthless, I  prompted her, when she does her, next general check up , with her Physician ( every 6 months she goes ---Yes --she is a Virgo and has a "thing" about health)--- the next week itself, she did a Blood profile check up - for Cholesterol;  She reported, me, her Physician himself, was surprised, to see a Lady below 50 having Cholesterol  on a higher end , as,  the Hormone estrogen is Natures gift of somehow, balancing the cholesterol content in their blood  and reducing Cardio-Vascular problems , among women . He added, she has done her Blood profile check up---- at the most appropriate time.

Medical advice given by the Doctor---- Eat plenty of Fish and not less than 45minutes to 1 hr walking.

I am sure , my Virgo friend is already on her walking boots !

As a Palmist, i am curious to observe--- if the said island, observed, shall , loose its strength with her walking and reduction of Cholesterol level in her blood. I ll post the follow up also--- as soon as something positive develops.

This is yet another example of--- how a simple Palmreading can help future health hazards.

Observe the islands crossing each other under the Sun mount

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