A few months before a client , from one of our neighbouring countries, sent his Palm across, for a reading.
This is just a sample palm- not actual
He was working with ILO ( International Labour Organisation). He was married with 4 children. For number of years he had been working there. Recently, some problems, in the department he works ,had cropped up and people were laid off. He was very confident, that his job was secure, as he has was an efficient worker and got a reasonably good name and position. Neverthless, something prompted him to get it confirmed from a Palmist.

After thorough study of his Palms and Numeroscope , i came to a conclusion, that he was surely in the "lay off" list and shall loose his job. So, i advised him to , seriously try for another job parallelly, so that, he will be able to switch, when the situation, demands.
His palms had a severely defective Fate line during that period along with few other supporting signs for the prognasis. So, for the next few years, he will have financial worries/ constraints.

A few months, after this reading, i received a mail from the same client, that he was extremely thankful to me, for the timely guidance.

As predicted , he had been terminated--- and fortunately, he also had taken the advice from me, in a positive sense and had started searching for a job and landed upon a job---though with renumeration half as before.

He was thankful--in the sense, atleast he was NOT jobless--which would have been a very difficult situation with 4 children and aged parents, to support.

Here, i would like to emphasize--- the effect of the defective Fate line though cannot be negated fully--- it has been reduced to a considerable extent---by taking proper action at the correct time.

Sometimes, one needs a good karma to meet a Genuine Palmist/ Astrologer/ Numerologist  also.

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