Now let us see some common misconceptions , related to Palmistry!  

Misconception 1: A short life line , implies, that you are going to die young.

Reality:  Many octogenarians*  have short Life Line , but still they continue to live past age 80.
Meaning: Life Line alone does not decide your longevity. A defective (short/ broken/islanded) Life Line probably  indicates a major change in your life OR some bothering domestic issues.

* a person who is between 80 and 89 years old.

Misconception 2: I don’t have a Fate line, so i can never be rich.

Reality:  Many crore-pathis have feeble  Fate lines or sometimes no Fate line at all.
Meaning: A defective or altogether missing Fate line ( Line of Saturn ) is a indicator of – the level of satisfaction and importance, a person gets in his/her life. A person may be quite rich, but still if he is not satisfied OR not given importance, it is reflected as such type of defects.


Misconception 3: I have gap between these 2 lines. ( they refer the gap between the Head Line and the Life Line ), ‘I heard one of my friend say ‘ that  marriage life  will not be happy.

Reality: Many happily married couples , have this type of line formation(s).
Meaning:  The gap between the Head Line and the Life Line is simply an indicator of an independent and a bold person. It is only when this gap is too wide AND the Head Line is also defective AND the fingers are short / conic ----- the person is given to too much impulsiveness and unable to control their temper, thereby affecting their married life. Otherwise, seeing ONLY the gap between the Head Line and Life Line it is unwise and insensitive to say that your relationships are going to fail.
I have a close friend who has got quite some gap between the said lines. But the majority LOOP FINGERPRINTS on her fingers , and a long second phalange of her Thumb , gives her – quite an adjustable nature plus, a check for impulsiveness.


Misconception 4:  Right hand for men and Left hand for women.

Reality:  Read both palms with equal importance, before you arrive at a decision, be it male or female.


Misconception 5:  Lines do not change.

Reality:   It is the fingerprints, which never changes. Lines DO change either positively or negatively, depending upon your attitude ( positive or negative) , healthy routine( Yoga , Meditation , Mudras and similar habits) and eating habits( avoiding excess fatty , junk foods etc.,) . So to some extent, we are Slaves of our destiny and to some considerable extent  -- Masters of our destiny. Choice is in your hands !


Misconception 6:   Longer the Head Line , more intelligent he is.

Reality:  First of all, check if the long Head Line is without any defects. Even if the long Head Line is of fine quality , any thing of too much, is not good. We see many long Head Line people to be very stubborn and inflexible, which in turn primarily may affect his domestic life, for , he , may have the attitude, i am right, ALWAYS.


Misconception 7: Girdle of Venus is a very inauspicious marker, to have and is sign of too much sexuality.

Reality: In actuality , sometimes, it compensates for the missing Heart Line . In most cases, it is a sign of acute sensitiveness. It relates to too much Sexulaity, only when Line of Mars is deep and red, the mounts of Aggressive Mars and Mount of Venus are much developed and the little finger – longer than usual. Detailed information can be found under the topic Girdle of Venus, which will soon be published.


Misconception 8 A Palmist can tell even the minute details of your Life, say , for example – direction from which your partner will arrive, which country you will settle , the last fight you had with your sibling, the big red mole you may have in the middle of your abdomen etc etc.,

Reality: Sorry. Perhaps, a Psychic may be able to tell. Do not confuse such person with a Practical Palmist. A palmist will be able to narrate those incidents, which had profound impact on your Psyche, the good time and the bad time period(s). Altogether, there might be,  say,  7 to 8 incidents in your Life, which made strong impact upon you and changed the direction of your life. Only those periods would be etched in your palms. If each and every incident can be foretold, then , there will be no space on our palms!  

But who are we to label , that -- the break we see, or for that matter, any conspicuous defects in the main lines as bad. Perhaps, they are the seeds, due to which your Mount of Jupiter  has developed such a beautiful Ring of Solomon ! 

Perhaps because of all the pain, you have gone through, you are able to really fathom, the agony , of others,  struggling through life. As a result of which you take a positive step and  join some Psychology/ Counselling course or some Alternative medicine course,  and that could be the meaning behind the small but clear vertical lines , which have started to grow on your Mount of Mercury ! The vertical lines over the Mount of Mercury , is also known as Healing Stigmata. People with such vertical lines upon Mount of Mercury , have a helpful nature and they like to try out new things . Researchers , be it any field ( not necessarily only Science & Math) have this marker. A friend of mine , Engineer turned in to a Master Chef , who has a thing, for always trying out different recipes, has this marker.


Misconception 9: A Palmist has a special ‘ gift’ and supernatural powers.

Reality: Sorry. We do not. Atleast i do not have. All we have ( SHOULD have) is love and compassion for our fellow human beings, a sincere yearning , to help them in some small way atleast, to show them à the Sign post , as revealed by the Palm – so that they are propelled forward -- towards their destination , with lesser bumps, God willing.


Please observe the transverse bend of the middle finger.( aka Saturn finger). These are persons who would torture themselves of always being right & wrong. They are their own worst critics. With other bad signs, they may also tend to be revengeful and have an urge to prove oneself ALWAYS right” attitude. They are generally pessimistic and do worry a lot about all little things. 



Palmistry carries with it, a stigma , placed upon it by fortune-tellers & the pseudo sciences of the middle ages. For 25 years, I have waged a battle against skeptics to prove, what I know, to be a fact – Palmistry is one of the most reliable methods for determining the genetic & the endocrinologic makeup of an individual. It is an easy and inexpensive method by which the Physician can help his patient to a healthy, happy and a full life. By Eugene Scheiman, MD ( an American Doctor & author of ‘ A Doctors guide to better health through Palmistry)

Palmistry has two important sections: a) Chirognamy b) Chiromancy


It is a study of physical characteristics of the palm , viz., a) Colour of the palm b) Flexibility of palm& fingers c) Length of fingers and the nature of its joints d) Colour of the nails & its shape ( conic, pointed, square, spatulate ) e) Shape of the palm  f) The mounts ( the small bulge/pads, below each fingers) g) Length & Width of the Palm.

Each point, mentioned, above , carries with it , enormous information about a person’s Psyche.

For example, even without , looking at the Palm proper, by a simple shake of the hand, we can gather a) If his Palm feels too soft and flexible you may say, he can quiet easily be maneuvered, his energy level is deficient b) If his Palm is firm , he should be an energetic person and probably a tough nut to crack, his head, placed well on his shoulders  c) If his hand is too hard , he may lack, mental flexibility and with very strong  likes and dislikes.  You may need different tactics with each type of person, to get yourself, heard.


Narrow Palms reveal a restricted way of viewing Life, which is further aggravated by a stiff Palm. Conversely, broad Palms are generally found on people who are broad-minded, tolerant and interested in new concepts and trends. ( Check the angle between the Thumb and Index finger, the distance between the head and life line, and the quadrangle to confirm this ).


Generally speaking, short fingers especially with smooth joints are highly intuitive, impatient  and  impulsive. Check for balancing factors , such as a square finger tip and moderately joined head and Life line. These factors will put a break, to their otherwise, impulsive nature. Otherwise, trouble is in store.

Long  fingers  ,    with  knotted  joints  have  opposite qualities. Patience, love for details , are their trade mark. They are more suited for research oriented works.

If you have a designer, very patient, organized, talented in making small intricate designs/patterns , with precision, probably he has long fingers, square tips, with his/her head line with a slope towards Mount Luna, the mount of imagination and a single whorl on his Sun finger.

If you have a designer, who is highly talented, who just knows, which design is going to be a hit, but who works in fits and fancies, probably he/she has small smooth intuitive fingers.

Further, the transverse bend and the axial bend of the fingers also gives much insight in to the personality as well as health defects.


Observe  the long knotty fingers of a research oriented person. The small narrow nails - throw light to his health troubles - nervous disorders. Persons who have this type of nail are highly argumentative also. 


I am writing this article based on the interaction with clients with different expectations.

Group 1:  These people ,i observe, almost always have conic fingers ,with smooth joints and  certain amount of flexibility in palms . They trust you completely and pour out their entire life history and problems , before, you even ask them. They do not have any doubt, upon your abilities. They just trust you.  I try my best, to guide them, because a) our responsibility becomes more b) " trust is sacred" .

Group 2:  Mostly they will have good thumb and a good Head line + long knotted fingers. But FATE would have brought them to you. These people , slightly skeptic , hesitate to open up, and will not be very spontaneous , in their communication. Instead, they will believe you, only , when you reveal their life s history , in front of them. I try my best, so that, belief in Palmistry, Numerology and such  ancient Indian subjects survives amidst much dissatisfaction among people in recent times.  Possible, their current disbelief , is due to a  bitter experience with a " not so good palmist/*".

Here, i would like to stop and air my view.

Only and i repeat--- ONLY GOD can do that.

Then , what is the role of an Astrologer/Palmist/Numerologist?


 If each and every incident of your life , be marked on your palm , then there would be no blank space left on your palm !

I would like to mention here , ONLY those incidents , which have , marked/distinct effect upon your mind/feelings/emotions will find its place on your palm, as a distinct mark.

Like a long awaited child, promotion ,success, trip abroad, sudden windfall etc.,
Serious health issues, loss of job, partner, seperation etc.,

Also positive and negative periods can be observed clearly.

We can utilize those periods and plan our future accordingly.

For example, if your Fate line is having an island/ break/ cross and you are seriously , engaging the idea of starting a business, you can definitely , hold that idea, for some time and plan/wait for the auspicious period. Instead of loosing your hard earned money.

Likewise the hints given by your palm---- regarding your weak organs, can be taken seriously and we can avoid the possible , future health hazards, by adopting healthy food, habits , exercise or a timely consultation with your physician.

Being moderately skeptic is healthy and good. But have trust in your good karma----It will always take you to a genuine good Palmist/Astrologer/Numerologist.

Do good. Be good. Think positive.

Tapasyah Iyer